Het Muizengaatje

Together with Gino Catshoek, who took up all management related tasks, we made a design for overpass "het Muizengaatje".
A challenging project, as it is adjacent to two very different arias, who both see it as an entrance.
After both neighborhoods bordering the overpass got the chance to vote on their favorite future look, our design came out winning the competition. 
Today, about 20.000 people pass through and over Muizengaatje every day by car, train, tram, bike, or bus. 
I hope a few feel like their neighborhood got a more representative entrance.

Hollandse Meesters anno 2015

With some people defending marketing as the biggest form of art in our time, I re-created a famous Dutch painting with products only bought from Hollands most well known supermarket; Albert Heijn. 

Kunstkalender 2016

This year one of my graphic works is featuring in De Grote Rotterdamse Kunstkalender (the Big Rotterdam Art Calendar).

If you happen to have one at home, check out the 28th of october :)

Routing Boijmans van Beuningen.

To indicate a routing to the Boijmans van Beuningen museum, during my time with Mothership, we had to come up with a low budget but eye-catching idea. 
To keep it removable and environment friendly, thousands of ribbons where used to indicate the way. 

Action painting Dutch Design Week

To stay in the spirit of Willem de Kooning, Jeisson and I had a display featuring action painting at DDW.
Visitors painted patterns with remote controlled cars equipped with paint brushes.
When the paint was dry an earlier applied masking paint could be removed, revealing the phrase "I have to change to stay the same."  

Gezond Ommoord

The results of a medical research project can be a bit of dry information. 
To thank the participants, the results where presented in a more friendly way. In this board game, that also comes along with an app, you have to achieve the age of 80 in a healthy way. 
In the app, the players get questions which include the results of the research they participated in. 

Banners Art Week Rotterdam

To announce the start of Art Week Rotterdam, I designed a banner with a visualization of Rotterdam after my first visit. 
The banners could be seen all over Rotterdam, and I have one in my studio as a reminder.